A white label food and drink solution for the workplace. Our Cafepods offer businesses personalised and innovative white label food and drink experiences for the workplace and our team of designers will work closely with you to design flexible tailored modular solutions for your available workspace. 

COVID-19 made the world redefine our daily interactions in the workplace. Some offices and workplaces no longer have the daily demand for a comprehensive on-site production kitchen and staff restaurant or coffee bar, however there may still be an ambition to provide an alternative food and drink experience for staff, visitors and clients. 

Our team can work with you to reimagine, recreate and innovate your workplace with our Cafepods experience and strike a new balance in this unfamiliar post-lockdown world between public health, sustainable growth, best value and providing your staff with inspiring food and drink experiences that encourage safe interaction, relationships, emotions, health and wellbeing.

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Frictionless customer service experiences

Our Plastic Diet.

User-friendly design

Our Cafepods are Cashless, contactless, self-contained and the ultimate solution for a COVID-free workplace.

Respecting safety

Our Cafepods are designed to be versatile and adaptable and embrace new safety protocols in this new pandemic environment.

Neat and compact size

Our Cafepods can be tailored to fit your workplace and their modular design ensure an efficient use of floor space and minimal services with simple installation with minimum disruption.

No compromise

From the workmanship of our handcrafted Cafepods to the craftsmanship of our artisan food and drink, we will design a tailored high quality Cafepod experience for you, your staff and your visitors with no compromises.

24/7 digitalised shopping

Our fleet of Cafepods offer a range of serviced and self-serviced solutions that will give you a 24/7 digitalised hot drink and food experience in your workplace.

Simple commercials

Our real time till and app order technology will give you access to a wealth of data and analytics to understand purchasing behaviour, income streams and cost efficiencies.

Cafepods Personalised For You

Covid & Optimism.

As part of Crown Partnership, our Cafepods team has the experience to design, deliver and run your in-house café, micro market or smart vending solutions with assisted service, self-service or self-pay options.

We can bring some life to your office foyer with some high street coffee happiness, staffed with our awesome baristas serving up our amazing food and drink experiences!

We can design, build, install and manage flexible, innovative and safe food and drink experiences to suit any space including; smart vending solutions, a simple grab and go offer or a larger retail outlet.

So if you are an estate manager, surveyor, facilities manager or key stakeholder we would love to talk to you and explore further how our Cafepods could be just the thing you’re looking for in this post COVID landscape we all find ourselves in.

Social distancing, cashless & contactless payments, hand gels and separate order & collection points are now the new normal of the customer service experience and our Cafepods respect all of these essential touchpoints in the current COVID-19 landscape.

Our brand partners

Our Plastic Diet.

As part of Crown Partnership, our Cafepods team has access to a number of high quality retail partners and products. 

Our senior operations team will work closely with you to design a brand experience that works for you. 

We already have brand partnerships through our sister company, The Juice Round who already collaborate with London coffee roasters, Hej Coffee, and we also operate contracts with international high street brand power, proudly serving Starbucks in some of our cafes.

Ultimately the decision is yours and our marketing and branding team can work with you to create a truly one-of-a-kind white label brand for your workplace so that it is genuinely unique to you.

The Process

Covid & Optimism.

1. Contact our team today and arrange a convenient appointment that suits you

2. Once we understand your brief, our design team will visit your offices for a site specific survey.

3. We will then present a range of solutions that meet your particular brief and budget.

4. Once agreed, our mobilisation team will work with you to agree a schedule of works for the installation of your Cafepods with minimal disruption to you.

By partnering with us, you will be working with an experienced, high quality and innovative operator and able to scale your workplace food and drink solutions to your specific requirements.

We have a wide range of modular options that can be tailored to any space, maximising footfall, increasing penetration and giving you and your staff best value without having to leave the office.

Want to explore the idea further?

Please contact Jackie Harding on 
07977 045464 or email
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