Meet Ernie. He's electric!

This is Ernie, our iconic clean green delivery machine! A lovingly restored 1960's milk float, he's fossil fuel free, super silent and energy efficient to boot. 

Thanks to Ernie, your local deliveries are made with zero polluting emissions, heaps of cheer and minimal engine noise. In fact the main sound you'll notice is that of faintly clinking glass bottles being transported fresh from our drinks kitchen direct to your doorstep or desk!

A conscientious chap, Ernie is working hard to make sustainable drinks deliveries the norm. You can find him busily humming away on the streets of central London delivering not only our hand-made juices but delicious coffee in reusable containers too. Discover more about him here.

Clad in classic teal, we think he's the cutest (and tastiest) thing on four wheels! We hope to put more Ernies on the road as we grow The Juice Round over time.

Going the extra mile for the planet.

Why choose to reuse?

Bless him, Ernie can't venture too far away from his home in Elephant and Castle, so he delivers within London zones 1-2 only (and delegates the rest!) But what he lacks in speed and distance, he more than makes up for in service and quality.

Staying loyal to his London roots, Ernie is picky about his cargo. Sustainable and local is his mantra: you'll find no piles of single use plastic on the back of this truck! Or products made in distant places out of his comfort zone for that matter.

Like us, Ernie is committed to going the extra mile for the planet. We're delighted that he's fully on board with The Juice Round's locally made, high quality drinks in reusable glass bottles. It's a little reminder of his former life!

Ernie will dutifully collect your empty bottles when he delivers, exactly like he's done for the past 60 years. 

Let Ernie help you reduce your packaging waste, and exchange it for heaps of vintage charm instead!

Ernie's fleet of fabulous friends.

We're a new brand... but not brand new

Ernie's a popular guy. He's got a pool of "pushy" pals that he counts on to deliver the goods.

Our sleek cargo bikes deliver your drinks by pure pedal power. They're way faster than a wheelbarrow (and often quicker than Ernie), but are just as quiet and eco friendly.

What's more, the cargo boxes on our bikes are made from 100% recycled plastic containers, giving them a useful second life.

Switch to Ernie and friends, and you're on the right path to enjoying both delicious and environmentally responsible drinks.

Our Bottle Collection Service: Please Note 
We currently offer a free doorstep bottle collection service for online customers in London zones 1-2 (and are working hard to expand coverage). For addresses outside this area, please return your bottles to one of our local retail partners. Please contact us to find out your nearest bottle return point.
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