Get drinks with more taste, less waste!
Switch up to sustainable juices & smoothies.

The Juice Round supplies great tasting, locally made drinks to environmentally aware retailers and hospitality operators in London. 

Similar to a milk round, we collect your empty bottles, then carefully clean and refill them, and turn them back into beautiful blends.

By each making small sustainable swaps, together we can spare the earth's natural resources and make a difference to the future of our planet that we all depend on.

A glass bottle can be reused up to 50 times, yet it's treated as disposable. Switching your juice supply to reusable packaging demonstrates your sustainability credentials whilst saving waste from entering our landfills and oceans.

There's a financial benefit too. We credit you back for empty bottles returned that we reuse.

Where returning bottles isn't practical, we encourage customers to recycle their empties responsibly. Our plastic-free packaging is 100% recyclable and the peelable label makes it easy to separate out paper from glass.

Eco-friendly has never been so tasty! Future proof your drinks supply with The Juice Round.

Delicious flavours, straight from nature.

Great flavours, straight from nature.

Our fresh drinks are hand-made in small batches using delicious ingredients. They're good for the planet and taste great too! 

Choose from these fabulous flavours:

Mango, Orange and Passion Fruit
Strawberry, Apple and Banana
Beetroot, Apple and Ginger
Pineapple, Cucumber, Celery and Lime
Espresso, Oat Milk and Vanilla Mocha

By working closely with our growers, suppliers and retail partners, we produce our drinks weekly to-order, maximising freshness and avoiding surplus waste. We strive to buy our UK ingredients as locally as possible: our apples and pears are from orchards in Kent (including fruit we've picked ourselves!)

Opting for locally made products keeps your supply chain close and reduces your carbon footprint.

Let's reduce our plastic diet. Choose drinks in reusable glass bottles.

By choosing The Juice Round, you're helping to counteract the environmental damage caused by our global throw-away model of consumption.

Packaging is the biggest source of plastic pollution across the world, and the food and drink industry is one of the top culprits.

Plastic bottles consume a lot of resources to produce. A typical one-litre plastic bottle uses about 250ml of oil and two litres of water in manufacturing. Each of those bottles takes about 4 million joules of energy to create, and every ton of plastic produced generates three tons of CO2.

All of these resources are diverted into packaging that has a short life span, and is disposed of after just one use.

Once finished with, plastic doesn’t disappear, it just breaks down into millions of tiny pieces. It has leaked into our food, water supply and the air we breathe.

Together, we can help keep the planet peachy by switching from disposing to reusing.

Join us in choosing to #refillnotlandfill.

Create unique bespoke drinks exclusively for your brand. 

Create unique drinks exclusively for your brand.

The Juice Round team has a wealth of experience in drinks development, including supporting well-known brands, food-service operators and retailers. We love to collaborate with industry partners to create unique custom-branded versions of our drinks.

With over 15 years' experience in providing bespoke beverages for businesses, we're ideally placed to provide a tailored solution exclusively for your organisation.

This service is perfect for established brands with proven volumes looking to improve their environmental performance by switching to delicious drinks in reusable packaging.
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