Bottles for Trees.

Tackling climate change by making sustainable swaps is core to The Juice Round’s ethos. Our mission is to help reduce waste, prevent plastic pollution and protect the planet through reusing not disposing.

In tandem with providing an alternative to single-use packaging, we minimise our environmental impact by reducing our carbon emissions and participating in a tree planting scheme to help remove them.

For every 100 glass bottles reused, we plant one tree to enhance the natural landscape. 

We’re one of the founding partners of a re-greening project in Portugal that seeks to provide wildlife habitats and support biodiversity.

The balmy southern European climate that is responsible for supplying our sweet and juicy oranges will increasingly experience rising temperatures and land erosion due to rising sea levels caused by global warming.

To help restore nature’s delicate balance, we're planting a range of varieties including Norfolk Island pine, orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit and almond trees.

So by returning your glass bottles, you're both sparing nature's precious resources now and restoring the woodlands of the future. Let's raise a glass to that!
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